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If you are building a shed or even if you already have a shed but need some sort of a floor, you need to choose a flooring option. When it comes to gravel vs. concrete shed base, it isn’t cut and dry, but it isn’t a complicated decision when you know what you need before you go shopping for supplies. Having flooring in your shed will help to keep it more insulated and will also keep pests and rodents out.

There are a few options to go with when choosing your shed flooring. A couple of common choices are either concrete or gravel. Gravel is typically used for a portable building such as a shed that has a wood floor. The gravel acts as a kind of base for the wood floor. Gravel offers really good drainage and is also less prone to rot and decay. It basically acts as a kind of sponge that helps to whisk water away that could pool around the base of the shed.

A concrete base will not absorb water, and this can create issues when it rains a substantial amount, and the shed will not be able to dry out as quickly. If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain, you may want to go with eth gravel base for your shed to avoid issues and to keep the items that you store in your shed dry.

A gravel base acts much like a diffuser when you get water running off of the roof. The porous quality of gravel helps to prevent water from splashing up and against your shed. This may not seem very important, but over time it can actually wear off the paint on your shed as well as keep it wet longer which can lead to rot if it is made of wood. Gravel is also cheaper than concrete, so if you are on a budget, you may want to cut costs by going for the gravel base. A gravel base is also much easier to install. You won’t have to hire a concrete company to pour the base for you or have to worry about how to get the base dry before it rains. You may not be able to fit a large gravel truck anywhere near your shed either. By using a gravel base for your shed, you can also move it to another location if you need to in the future.

When you compare the two, concrete is not really a better choice when it comes to durability. Both will stand the test of time. It just depends on how much you want to commit your shed to a particular part of your yard. If your shed already has a base that comes with it, you may just want to put a gravel base down but if you need to put in your own floor you may want to take the time and spend the extra money to get a concrete one.


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