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There are so many details to selling a house that if you ever tried to do so without a real estate agent, you certainly understand how huge an endeavor this can be. Your listing agent has a number of hats to wear during the realty transaction to make certain everything moves along according to plan and the buyer does successfully make it to closing. These are a few of the ways the Magnolia Realty agents can help sell your home.

Trusting Your Realtor and the Listing Price

Many homeowners get frustrated when the realtor suggests listing the house for a certain amount because they feel they are losing out on bigger profits. The truth is, your realtor has already done a fair market analysis of the surrounding area and knows the price point where houses are selling quickly and how high not to go if the house is going to sit stale on the market for weeks, months, and years. Trust your listing agent is looking to get you out of the house so you are not stuck a year from now getting far less than had you gotten a fair price today and just moved on.

Getting Buyers Faster Than You Could Imagine

One thing that will help you sell your house when you are working with a local real estate agent is their professional relationships with other agents. It doesn’t matter if it is a dozen realtors in their brokerage, agents in another town, or an agent your realtor closed a sale with a year ago, these folks always keep the door of communication open. If you agent knows a realtor from another town who mentioned they have a client looking for a house in your neighborhood, once your agent gets the contract, they will reach out to that agent to see if their buyers want to see the house. This plays out all the time, and many times the buyers jump at the chance to get the house before it has even been marketed.

Creating a Buzz About Your House

In order to get buyers really excited about your house, your listing agent is going to start focusing on things that other realtor may not. Instead of showcasing the house has a number of bedrooms and a big yard, your agent will tug at their heartstrings by promoting things they connect with emotionally. If the buyers have kids, they’ll appreciate when the listing talks about being so close to the schools. If you like your privacy, you’ll love the house is in a deed-restricted gated community. Others may love the idea of being walking distance to the beach, park, or local shopping.

Your real estate agent is going to be juggling a number of things during the sale of the house, and in the end, you will be amazed how everything comes together perfectly at closing. Making things look that easy is incredibly difficult, but something the experts do on a weekly basis with consistency.

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