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Buying a property is most likely the biggest purchase you will ever make. At least the first, in this case! Precisely for this reason, it is common to have fears and concerns about what will be your family’s next home.

Relax, there is a solution! Check out the tips for you!

Know the location

The first step is to know where you would like to live. Which neighborhoods work for your lifestyle? Where is it easier to start your daily route? Do the surroundings have the infrastructure you need? All of these questions should be asked before you even analyze the property itself. And if you are making the purchase for investment, the same research is worth considering that they are items analyzed by potential buyers as well.

Think long term

It is about a purchase, not a lease. The idea is to live in the new house or apartment for a long time and you hardly maintain the same routine pattern for several years. The family can grow, unforeseen events can happen, you may need an office or co-working space to work there are many possibilities. Therefore, evaluate the property thinking not only now, but the future.

Review financing options

Banks offer different conditions for financing. In addition to them, some companies specific to this type of process offer their own resources. Talk to quadwalls experts, do simulations, see if you can use your sources at the entrance. Or, to save time with all this, work with a trusted real estate company, like Verdi!

Do financial planning

Remember that buying a property does not only involve spending on the financing installments. Documentation is an extra cost, not to mention renovations when appropriate. Plan everything carefully, including essential expenses, to make sure it will be possible without so much pressure.

Check the seller’s credibility

Unfortunately, not all negotiations are fair and not all salespeople are suitable. An acquisition of this magnitude certainly requires a little investigation, at least to confirm that the property’s documentation is actually up to date and that the house or apartment itself is as promised.

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